Step 1 -  Measure your garden from the longest width and length. E.G. 4m x 4m

Step 2  - Multiply the length by the width. E.G - 4x4= 16sqm

Step 3  - Select the grass you would like and multiply the price by the square meterage. E.G. 16x35=£560

Step 4  - Add 20% (VAT) to get the  finished price. E.G. £560+20%=£672


Forest Artificial Grass

38mm Pile Height


10 Year Guarantee

Rufford Artificial Grass

30mm Pile Height


10 Year Guarantee

 bonus of 10% any job when a quote is arranged on this site

Follow this guide to get a rough estimate

Quick Quote Guide

How It Works

* Contact us. Tell us your Name, Address including Postcode and provide us with a contact     number.
* Tell us what type of Landscaping you are interested in?
* We will make an appointment that's convenient for you. For a Free No Obligation Quote. If      you miss the appointment for whatever reason, we will wait around 10 minutes before           leaving a card to say we have called. We will NOT phone or hassle, but leave it up to you to contact us if you would still like an appointment. Luckily this does not happen very often. However this is our procedure when it does.
* We will call round with Prices and Samples.  There is no rush. No pressure. Quotes are Free!

35mm Pile Height


10 Year Guarantee


Contact iWant Artificial Grass Chesterfield Today

01246 251219
iWant Artificial Grass Chesterfield is part of iWant Pet Foods Ltd. 

When you arrange a quote on this site you become eligable for 10% off any job saving an average of £200!

Rushcliffe Artificial Grass

Thoresby Artificial Grass


20mm Pile Height


7 Year Guarantee

* We will measure each area, down to the last centimeter. 
* We will give you a quote on the day, with all the transaction details, our contact numbers and address should you need us. We give you a fitting date on the day. It is not a problem if you need to rearrange the fitting date. However it can take up to 2-3 weeks to rebook.
* Once fitted you get the final invoice complete with a 10 year Manufacturer's WARRANTY and 1 year Fittings guarantee.
* You will then have the very best quality Garden money can buy.

I Want Artificial Grass. NEVER Beaten on Quality. I Want Artificial Grass are NEVER a Gamble in your Home!

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